“Amy’s” Frozen Meals Review #1 (New Series)

So, in the past year we’ve moved out of our studio apartment-style dorm room into a two-bedroom apartment that’s still close to campus. And we got a dog. But, that’s besides the point.

We also moved closer to a certain health-centered, organic grocery store that will not be named today, but deserves a whole glorious Review post on its own. During one of my stops to this particular affordable version of Whole Foods, I noticed a brand of frozen meals that I’d never heard of before: Amy’s.


Yes, this line of organic frozen meals vary from your standard pizza snacks to enchiladas, y’all. And they actually look damn good. Priced at $5 a meal, I picked up four for the week for when I would be on my own for lunch or dinner and didn’t feel like cooking. (Don’t judge me, we all have those days/nights/months where we don’t want to even LOOK at a stove.)

For this first Amy’s Review, I chose the Light in Sodium Macaroni and Cheese:


Who doesn’t love ooey, gooey, creamy mac n’ cheese? Crazy people, that’s who.

I had high expectations for this mac. Now, I’ve had to cut back on my sodium intake because high blood pressure runs in my family. I refuse to be on blood pressure meds in my early 20’s from not taking care of myself. Moving on, I took the little tray out of the box, removed the plastic film, and microwaved it for 4 minutes. After that, the mac looked like this:


It looked just like the box, but…the texture of the sauce was a tad bit watery at this point. I followed the package directions and microwaved it for another 2-3 minutes. Since my 900-watt radiation machine is known to burn things even if you follow directions, I only zapped it for 2 minutes.


After the final zapping, I was greeted with what looked to be some pretty damn delicious mac. The sauce was a little thicker than pictured on the box, but that’s alright. However, after the first bite I realized that Amy’s was not joking when they made this ‘Light in Sodium’. It was very bland, even though it had just the right amount of cheesiness in the sauce. I ended up adding a dash of salt and pepper to it (and feeling guilty about it, too).

Final Verdict: While I enjoyed the fact that this didn’t have that much sodium in it, the lack of flavor that you expect with mac n’ cheese left little to be desired. However, the sauce was the perfect thickness, the noodles weren’t mushy or crunchy, and it was the perfect little side I needed to accompany some leftover chicken wings. Next time, I’ll just grab the normal Amy’s Macaroni and Cheese and call it a Cheat Day. 7.5/10

Let me know if you’d try this mac n’ cheese, and Happy Eating!


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